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Kaolin Clay: its uses and benefits

Kaolin clay is versatile clay with a number of uses and benefits. It also has unique chemical and physical properties that contribute to its use. It is a naturally occurring clay substance mostly found in soils that have developed from the chemical weathering of rocks in hot, moist climates. A good example of such a […]

10 health benefits of Lavender

Lavender flowers are a type of flower that has a small shape and has a purple color. Originally from France, many use this flower as a fragrance and take health benefits from it. This lavender flower has several ingredients that are beneficial for the body and skin such as Nerol, Lavandulol, Geraniol, Limonene, Camphene, Ocimene […]

Treat Sunburn with Chamomile Tea

Is your skin super sensitive for chemicals? Are you scared of using various products to remove your sunburn? But home remedies are time-consuming, right? However, not to worry, the alternative choice is to buy chamomile tea bags! Yes, chamomile consists of numerous healing properties which can effectively combat a sunburn. Now, if you are wondering […]

The Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumber for Skin

Cucumbers are fruits that belong to the pumpkin family, and is highly known for its crisp and soothing taste thanks to its abundant water content. Cucumber is delicious and fresh when eaten as salad or having the benefits of cucumber juice or maybe having another way to get nutritional benefits from cucumbers by consuming them […]

Benefits of Aloe Vera for skin

What is Aloe Vera?It’s a succulent plant that grows abundantly in tropical climates and belongs to a plant species genus Aloe.  Over the years Aloe Vera juices have been used for skin care and medicine, this is mostly raw juices that come from the plant, the gel is thick gooey like liquids extracted from the […]