How old can one use Azymacare products?

Azymacare can be used by all ages as early as 3 years and above.

Can it be used for sensitive skin?

The soft and special ingredients are suitable for all skin types even if the skin is very sensitive.

Is it safe to use Azymacare?

Its free chemical-free content makes it safe and gentle to use on all skin types, including problem skin.

How long can 1 bottle of Azymacare last?

With proper use as recommended, it can last up to three months (for one wear).

How many times can Azymacare be used in a day?

Azymacare can be used every time you take a shower or at least 2 times a day.

When can Azymacare be used?

Azymacare is suitable for use during bathing either morning, afternoon or evening.

How to use Azymacare?

Wet the body first, press only once or twice on the palm or bath sponge. Rub the whole body, leave for a while and rinse.

What does Azymacare smell like?

Azymacare uses citrus fragrances (lemon and kaffir lime) that can give you freshness throughout the day.

Can I get rid of body odor problems if I use Azymacare?

Natural ingredients used such as Koalin Clay is a very effective material to help eliminate body odor and maintain body freshness throughout the day.

How long is the expiration date for this Azymacare?

3 Years (Expiry date listed under the bottle).

When can I get the product after ordering?

At least 3 to 5 working days subject to post or delivery company.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

If not satisfied with Azymacare products, within 30 days from the date of receipt, it can be returned to us (re-posting costs are borne by the customer). We will refund the customer’s money 100% as soon as we receive the product back.