AZYMA GROUP SDN BHD (1260884-K) or also referred as AGSB is a 100% Bumiputera registered company. AGSB was established on December 21,2017 under the Companies Act 2016.

With a range of AZYMACARE products, AGSB focuses its core business in the manufacturing and marketing of various consumer skincare products, such as shower gel, face cleanser, shampoo and others.

A Skincare brand committed to formulating natural clay-based ingredients that is clean and authentic as the main ingredients, alongside the use of other natural resources.

AGSB is targeting its product for use suitable for all groups including those with sensitive skin because the ingredients used are naturally derived, healthy and pure (Natural, Healthy, Hygiene). Azymacare products are certified HALAL from Jakim and Dermatologist Tested.

AGSB is also committed to meeting the needs of all by providing a range of body and skin care products that are 100% halal and pure, contain no prohibited chemicals and animal fats to ensure the perfection of worship and value life in line with our tagline “Appreciate Life”.