Kind to Your Skin,
Kind to the World

Clarity of Clay - Cares for You, Cares for the World.

Benefits of Clay Body Wash

Formulated to eliminates the stench and bad odor of the body. In fact, leaving a very fresher scents after bath.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay has a natural absorption properties that reduces greasy skin to the pores.


Chamomile naturally promotes the skin feels soft, clean, and healthy, and it can also relieve inflammation on the skin.

Lavendar Oil

The aroma of lavender freshness is a pleasant effect on the body and naturally relieves stress strain.


Maintaining water hydration in the skin and help your body remove the toxins naturally and maintain a healthy skin.

Aloe Vera

Including beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help enhancing the natural firmness of the skin and maintain hydrated skin.

Body Odor Remover

Clay Bodywash Azymacare specializes in eliminating unpleasant odors and oily skin without roughly rubbing your sensitive and firm skin.

Free from hazardous chemicals

Hazardous soap chemicals usually pass through the skin pores and deep into the blood vessels and will result internal organ failure, breast tumor and pinging failure.


Diethanolamine is not good for nervous system, excretion, eye, and impressions for men because it weakens the testicular ability to produce quality sperm.


Studies showed parabens can mimic the activities of estrogen hormone in the body cells and are often associated with the growth of breast cancer cells.


It is not a natural substance, and it affects the skin. It reveals the illusion of glowing skin, but it is not the glowing we want because it is fake and from plastic.

Synthetic Colourant

Some of the chemicals found in synthetic dyes are mercury, lead, chromium, copper, sodium chloride, toluene, and benzene that affect the body’s organs.

Lyral (Fragrance)

According to the European Union, the use of Lyral (fragrance) can cause various allergic effects on fragrant and skin sensitive users.

No Animal Ingredients

The Azymacare formula is guaranteed no use of animal fat and any elements of the animal. Azymacare is formulated from natural plants.

Certification No.

NOT 181101141K




Kind to Your Skin,
Kind to the World

Clarity of Clay - Cares for You,
Cares for the World.

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